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Aly/Tex OTP!

thebluespirit: Zuko didn't pay attention to Mel. He was too busy trying to comfort his love. "It is alright, Katara. He didn't mean it and. I will prove myself to your brother. I will earn his respect," he tried to console her, her sobbing cutting right through him.

once_a_king: Katara sniffed, clutching at him forlornly. "Oh, love, I'm just hurt over those cruel words he said to you. I know our love will overcome, but how could he be so dreadful."

thebluespirit: "Oh love," Zuko replied. "You have suddenly grown so manly, but fear not. I will love you no matter what you look like!"

tricksy_spy: "Do you swear that, my love?" Katara asked, hair growing longer once again. "For I have always hoped to be able to show you my true form."

thebluespirit: "Aly!" Zuko looked shocked for a moment, but then pulled her in a fierce hug. "I did not understand why I felt so attracted to an older woman, but now it all makes sense. Let's run off to a faraway island where the administration can not judge us!"

tricksy_spy: "Older woman?" Aly said, shocked. She slapped him across the face. "Take that back or no sexx0rs for you!"

freelancerchick: "But it's alright! Because I'm one too!" Zuko suddenly changed into his true form.

tricksy_spy: "Tex!" Aly said, half-swooning. "Oh my darling Tex. How I've always dreamed of this moment."

freelancerchick: Tex removed her helmet and gave Aly a sweltering look. "Shut up and kiss me, you hunk of a woman!"

tricksy_spy: Aly complied. Heatedly, steamily, like no kiss she'd ever had before.

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