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18th July 2008

satedan_soldier12:43am: Shares the LOVE <3
From Escape-ry class where sarcasm_guy was dealing with his idiot crew:

"Oh, you've got to be kidding me," Sokka muttered, as he grabbed the bag of medicine and tried to club the piranha with it.

"Okay, people, LISTEN UP! Everybody slow way down! There's too much fog, there are too many rocks, and really, this river sucks. Also, it's infested with piranhas, so keep your hands and feet inside the ride at all times. Anyone who uses the phrase 'skeletonize a cow' gets pushed overboard. So! There may or may not be a line of rocks out there in front of us -- it's hard to tell for sure -- so let's all row to the right a little and try to avoid them, m'kay?"

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25th June 2007

cantgetnorelief8:35am: *draws little hearts around the Mountie*
From here, where Jo is threatening Fraser and accusing him of being a Lord of the Underworld:

"To put your mind at east, I am not the Lord of the Underworld. I am Benton Fraser and I grew up in Inuvik, Northwest Territories, Alert, Nunavut, and Tuktoyaktuk, Northwest Territories. I think it's too cold for the Lord of the Underworld there."

23rd May 2007

walks_two_paths4:19pm: Hey! I Resemble That Remark... Or I Mean...
blackmagic_eve: "Social lives are good things," Eve said with a nod. "Don't worry, I'll be sure to come by every day and visit you." And probably bring trouble-- better known as Savannah -- along with.

From here

12th May 2007

fates_jaye3:00pm: well, it's true.
From fat_halpert here:

"Jim walked around in the less crowded post part of the park, ready to mingle. He was holding a can of Coke. That is pointless detail for this narrative, but it bumps the length of the comment up slightly."

10th May 2007

nadiathesaint11:44pm: Blair does it again.
From here:

lovechildblair: "I know people in the spirit world. I could make your afterlife like a bad perm."

5th May 2007

sogothcally3:36pm: It really Just Sums Everything Up.

26th April 2007

kawalsky10:14am: Mmm delicious slavery
tricksy_spy: "Was I kidnapped? Is this slavery?"
carter_i_am: "Slavery usually has less coffee and pastry," Sam pointed out.

From here where Printheth Alianne is holding court.

23rd April 2007

kawalsky11:30am: Former Sith Lords Love Reality TV
behindeyesonly: Logan watched her go from behind the glass. "If it's trolls again, I'm not going outside this time," he said.

sith_happened: "You're much too pretty to die," Anakin assured him, deadpan. "Now shhhh. Charla and Mirna are the most annoying people on this planet. I want to see if a meteor falls on them."

From here.

22nd April 2007

marsheadtilt8:51am: Fandom Christmas
whitedeathpod and kawalsky: "Twelve hours of two guys singing off-beat Christmas carols in April! Eleven Jamie Madroxes, ten weetiny bunnies, NINE hats from the Mountie, eight detentions, seven mighty Stickbugs, six zombies a-gnawing, FIVE PRINCIPALS WHO ARE HOT LIKE ZOE! Four jello dragons, three hookers from the Sin, two gremlins and ooooone FUGLY TROLL!"

[from here]
Current Mood: amused

27th March 2007

tricksy_spy11:05pm: Like little puzzle pieces...
I continually have so much glee over the awesomeness that are the students in Revolutions (seriously, GLEE), but today it manifested itself in what is the most fabulous sign in thread ever.

From here:

19th March 2007

auroryborealis5:32pm: Truer words were never spoken
On the subject of Alec torturing Sam. [from here]

As much as Sam wanted to lie and make Alec's actions sound worse than they had been, he couldn't bring himself to do it. "I don't mean physical torture, although I get the feeling there have been a few times where he would have tried to kick my ass if Dean hadn't intervened. I mean more in the way of mental stuff."

Zero's righteous fury deflated. "Oh. Sam, that's called high school."

8th March 2007

water_wonder3:13pm: *dies*
When I read this, I also choked on my Propel water... *dies laughing* OMG, I love you both, so much!

"It's okay, preppie, it's me!" Conner assured him. Yep, still bouncing. It was weird, sure, but it was kind of fun. "No idea what happened, but I'm a girl today! But a girl who plays soccer! So it's all good!" And because ultimately, there was a teenage boy's brain in there, he had to reach down and play with his own chest. "Duuuuuuuuude."

"ConNER!" Neil howled, smacking his hand over his eyes which caused him to almost lose his hold on his boxers and he made a quick dive for his bed, pulling his blanket up to his chin as he struggled to get his underware on. "Stop playing with those, you don't know who they belong to!"

From here.
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7th March 2007

a_phale2:10pm: *snorts coffee*
dr_jwilsonmd: Wilson looked over at Phoebe, his hand going to the nape of his neck.

"That's...what's wrong." He said in a bewildered tone. "Phoebe, have you noticed anything...different about Bel?"

sensethevisions: Phoebe raised an eyebrow. "Only that he's back and that I can actually feel him in me again."

dr_jwilsonmd: Wilson coughed and gave Phoebe a moment to think about maybe rephrasing her words.

You know, to something that didn't cast disparagements on Bel's endownments pre Wastelands.

(From here)

27th February 2007

slr_mercury11:56am: hee
Best exchange ever

Christian blinked. "Dr. Wilson? Don't tell me you turned into a kid again."

Neil stood there, panting and blinked.

"Bel? I thought you were dead?"

rest of thread here

19th February 2007

walter_n_wires11:38am: Thank you, Setsuna
This just killed me ded. Probably because I'm from an anime/manga fandom, too, but still...

Setsuna tried taking notes as well, but it was difficult. She looked a little pale with fear the entire time. Setsuna had personally never had to battle a Squid of any sort, but Squids had tentacles and, well, as an Asian schoolgirl, she had a natural born terror of such things, though she couldn't understand exactly why.

From here
slr_mercury12:30pm: John, talking about the nun
"Just because she's married to Jesus doesn't mean she can't date!"

link here

5th February 2007

dr_jwilsonmd12:15pm: Blair for the Win in Conflict Management
Now THIS is how one gets an A+ on one's tests.

4th February 2007

once_a_king8:27pm: Because I am now dead of laughter.
mouthy_merc : "Oh, I'm sure there are much more fun things you can with my ass than that." A pause. "That sounded less gay in my head."

freelancerchick : "Thank you for saving me the trouble of pointing that out," she said, a note of amusement in her voice.

mouthy_merc : "Now that we've recognized and acknowledged my homoerotic faux pas, I feel it might be best for me to prove my heterosexuality with some sex," Wade said, nodding determinedly. 

From here. Tex/Deadpool: Theirloveissoforhire

*waves a not-so-tiny and very, very glittery Tex/Deadpool flag*

30th January 2007

strongestgirl11:07pm: Wait, are we role playing?
Okay, so I'm watching tonight's episode of House. House is in Wilson's office talking to Wilson. (As opposed to, say, swiping something. This is progress.)


Wilson suddenly stops the conversation and says.

"Wait. Are we role playing? Am I you? ...I don't want to be you."
Current Mood: amused

29th January 2007

psycho_jackass7:30pm: Willow's brain is a strange place.
Willow: "Sorry, I was doing that thing where my mind jumps ahead a few steps and my words don't catch up right away?" Willow said. "It just occured to me that worm scarves would be a thoughtful gift and probably quick to make too."

Peter: "A thoughtful gift to whom?" Peter asked slowly.

Willow: "Worms."

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26th January 2007

weissguy_11:11pm: Things You Hear at a Panty Raid
From here -- Evie has very strong ideas about personal panty rights and she lets JD know them:

Evie has a very firm whap with a pillow when she wants to. "JD! No! You can't have them! Are you a Transfacist? Buy your own girl's underwear!"

23rd January 2007

socksofcool2:40am: Aly/Tex OTP!
omgtheirloveissowhoopswrongaccountCollapse )

From here.
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19th January 2007

demonbelthazor1:30pm: Best. Typo. Ever.
The corrected conversation is here, but I caught this in my inbox:

"It was kinda bizarre, yeah," Anders agreed. "But only a couple of people got hurt, so I'm calling it a success."

Their reply was:

"Hurt?" Blair blinked. "Dude, what kind of panties do you throw?"

(You thought nobody was going to see that, right? ;)
Current Mood: giggly

18th January 2007

strongestgirl4:18pm: Really, who wouldn't?
From here.

misshargrove: She really wanted to play with that buttery monkey.
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13th January 2007

surferboy_09er10:18pm: Ah the innuendos that come when watching porn...
psychic_wonder: "Hi Jim. I'm Sam. And no, I'm really not trying to shiver anything," he insisted. "My focus is purely on attempting to make the floor swallow me whole."

fat_halpert: "What are you going to do for the floor in return?"

From here
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