Alianne of Pirate's Swoop and the Copper Isles (tricksy_spy) wrote in fandom_quotes,
Alianne of Pirate's Swoop and the Copper Isles

Like little puzzle pieces...

I continually have so much glee over the awesomeness that are the students in Revolutions (seriously, GLEE), but today it manifested itself in what is the most fabulous sign in thread ever.

From here:

multi_madrox: Jamie is the one of the corner pieces.

socksofcool:  Seely is a pointy piece you forget to put back in the box and stand on barefoot at three in the morning while getting a glass of water.

bridge_carson:  Bridge is a piece from a completely different puzzle that accidentally got put in the wrong box.

demonbelthazor: Belthazor is the missing piece.

dbiers:  D'anna is a shiny metallic puzzle piece.

izzyalienqueen:  Isabel is that odd little piece that you just can't figure out where it goes.

carter_i_am:  Sam is one of the pieces that look just like one of the other pieces and gets put in the wrong place.

morpherboy:  Marco is the brightly colored piece you can't figure out the place for until the last minute.

sneerkite:  Steerpike is a piece of the background.

futurebucs_star:  Anders is . . . a piece from a different puzzle. That won't quite fit in no matter how hard you try to make it.

x5_alec:  Alec is the piece that you didn't expect to fit anywhere until the moment its place becomes obvious.

defiantlyyours:  6 is the piece that refuses to fit in to your predefined concepts of puzzles, damn you.

can_be_more:  Aeryn is the piece that is probably in a spot where everything looks alike, but when you try to put it somewhere, it fits in in a totally different spot than where you were looking.

mparkerceo:  Parker is the last piece. That you can't find forever.

untouchableskin:  Marie is the piece that seems to fit everywhere.

irulan_corrino:  Princess Irulan Corrino seems to be the piece that's really hard to fit in.

tyler_gone:  Tyler is one of the edge pieces that's all one color, so it hardly looks like anything and takes forever to get in the right place.

kawalsky:  Charlie Kawalsky is the piece that you set aside for later because you know exactly where it belongs, but then forget where you put it until the last minute.
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